6th Grade Black History 365 Curriculum:

Modern Day Africa

Unit 1 Habits and More of Contemporary African People

  • Ch 1: Groups of People Who Live In Africa

  • Ch 2: Cultural Values of Africa

  • Ch 3: Royalty Today


  • Create a blog page, or document that explains your culture as an African American living in the United States.

  • Discuss your customs and values

  • Speak about your leaders

  • Compare and Contrast them to the African people and culture you've read about

  • Explain what makes you similar and what makes you different.+

Unit 2 The Daily Lives of African People

Ch 4: The Delicious Eats of Africa

Ch 5: The Now Generation: Music and the Arts of Africa

Ch 6: Leisure Lifestyles of Africans Today


  • Put on an event that highlights the food, music and art of African American culture. Incorporate one of the African cultures you've read about and tell how it has impacted you.

Unit 3: Africa and Its Relationship with the World

Ch 7 Money Matters in Africa Today

Ch 8 Critical Issues Facing Africa Today


  • Create a comparison chart that details the important issues facing Africans in Africa and African Americans in the US

  • Form a plan that details how both our communities can work together to find a solution in our locations.

7th Grade Black History 365 Curriculum:

Black Influence from Ancient Africa to Modern Times

Unit 1: Africa

Ch 1: How Ancient Africa Influenced the World

Ch 2: Historic African Civilizations

Ch 3: Health and Well Being in Ancient Africa


  • Research 1 of the ancient African civilizations you read about. Write a 3 page report on your findings. Include information about their location, customs, values, and traditions.

Unit 2: The Transatlantic Slave Trade

Ch 4 The Origin of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Ch 5: The House the Enslaved Built: Who Benefited and Who Lost from the Slave Trade


  • Explore the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Write a 2 page report about how the Slave Trade started and how it impacts us today.

Unit 3: The Emancipation Proclamation and the Aftermath

Ch 6: The Civil War and Black American Contributions

Ch 7: Building Black Communities

Ch 8: Justice and Freedom: Winning Equal Rights for All


8th Grade Black History 365 Curriculum:

The Black Experience in America: Early 1600s-Late 1800s

Unit 1:Different Worlds Meet

Ch 1: Resistance to Colonialism

Ch 2: Exploration

Ch: 3 First Black People in America


Unit 2: Creating a Nation

Ch 4: Northern, Middle, and Southern Colonies

Ch 5: The Revolutionary Era and the Colonies Fight for Independence


Unit 3: And They Fought

Ch 6: And They Fought

Ch 7: How Enslaved people Fought for Equal Justice

Ch 8: The Enslaved in the Constitution and the Law

Ch 9: A Growing Nation: Westward Expansion

Ch 10: The Civil War

Ch 11: The Reconstruction Era