• How did African Americans first arrive in the New World?

  • How did enslaved Africans obtain their freedom during early exploration?

  • What skills did Africans bring to the Americas?

  • Juan Garrido was an African Explorer in the New World, what places did he travel to?

    • What was he responsible for doing in Mexico City?

  • How did early colonial laws describe enslaved Africans?

  • What colonial laws made it illegal for enslaved Africans to do?


  • Enslaved Africans believed family was very important because white slave owners would try to take them apart as a form of punishment. Write a story about your family. Tell us why your family is important to you.


  • Draw a photo of your family.

  • Draw and label the 5 parts of the African continent.

  • Juan Garrido was responsible for taking care of the Mexico City waterways. Recreate your own waterway system.

    • https://pin.it/2vFwGF4

Ch 2 The Beginnings of African American Culture


  • How is Black American or African American Culture passed down?

  • What is a proverb?

  • What are some of your favorite stories?


  • Write a story about yourself. Tell us what you like to do and what makes yo special.


  • Dance to your favorite song.

  • Put on your favorite outfit with your best hairstyle and take a phot to represent your cultural expression.

Ch 3 African-american history and culture through stories and food


  • What is a griot?

  • What is the name of the food created by enslaved Africans that we eat today?

  • What is your favorite soul food?


  • Ask an adult to help you write the ingredients of your favorite soul food dishes.


  • Using your recipe, recreate a soul food meal.

Ch 4 African American Language and Culture


  • What are the languages spoken by African Americans?

  • What music genres did African Americans create?


  • Listen to the different types of music created by African Americans. Tell us which one is your favorite and why.


  • Write a song that falls into your favorite African American music category.

Ch 5 African American Notables: Heroes and Heroines


  • Of the heroes and heroines presented, present 2-3 facts about them. Tell us why they are your hero or heroine

    • Print their picture

    • Present photos that represent their contribution to African American History

Black History 365 4th Grade Curriculum:

African Americans Shaping A Nation

Ch 1 The Beginning: African Exploration and Founding of America

  • Think

    • Many stories of America begin with the exploration of Christopher Columbus in 1492 and the enslavement of Africans in the early 1600s. In between those years, Africans explored the Americas.

  • Write

    • Consider the various ways that Africans came to the Americas. Explained the contributions of Africans at this time.

    • Explain the difference between an indentured servant and an enslaved person?

    • Write a letter to the British colony of Virginia explaining why enslaving Africans is wrong.

Ch 2 African Americans in the New Country

  • Think

      • Although America gained its freedom from the British, colonists still enslaved Africans. Do you think this is fair? Why or why not?

  • Write

    • Write about the living conditions of enslaved Africans.

    • How did the early Black church influence the experience of enslave Africans?

    • What was the purpose of the Underground Railroad?

Ch 3 African Americans Fight For Freedom

  • Think

    • Consider how brave it was for enslaved Africans and Free Black people to fight for their freedom.

  • Write

    • How did African Americans influence the political climate post Emancipation?

    • Write a speech that supports the abolition of slavery.

  • Create

    • Create a 3 point plan that supports the rights of newly freed African Americans.

Ch 4 The African American Story: Emancipation and Freedom

  • Project

    • Create a Juneteenth Celebration presentation

      • Explain the history behind it

      • Provide 3 values

      • Showcase what 3 things you may find at a Juneteenth Celebration

Black History 365 5th Grade Curriculum:

African Americans And The Arts Throughout History

Ch 1 African American Arts in Early America: 17th Century-1830

  • Write

    • Read "On Being Brought from Africa to America (1773)" by Phillis Wheatley

      • Write a summary of the poem

      • Explain how it makes you feel about the enslaved African experience leaving their home in Africa and being brought to America

Ch 2 African-American Art and Culture During the Antebellum Period: 1783-1861

  • Create

    • Paint a landscape portrait of your favorite place

Ch 3 African-American Church: Influence on the Arts and Culture

  • Write

    • Listen to an Old Negro Spiritual

    • Write about what you think the singers are singing about

    • Elaborate on what you think their emotions were behind the songs

Ch 4 The Harlem Renaissance 1920's-1930's

  • Create

    • Write a notable person from the Harlem Renaissance

      • What was their impact on the Black community

      • What did they create

    • Create a display of their work and present it at your school or for your family

Ch 5 "Black is Beautiful" African-American Culture and Identity in the 60's and 70's

  • Create

    • Write a play and act out the story of one of your favorite Black movie, play, or story

Ch 6 African-America Art and Culture: From Post World-War II to Doo-Wop to Modern Day Hip-Hop

  • Create

    • Create an "Open Mic Night" where you and your friends get to showcase your talents in rap, singing, poetry, and other forms of art.