High School to College Curriculum Black History 365:

An Inclusive Account of American History

Unit 3: The American System - The Forming Therof

Ch 5: Enslavement-The Peculiar Institution

Ch 6: American Civil War 1861-1865

Unit 4: Emancipation and Reconstruction

Ch 7: After the Civil War-Reconstruction 1866-1877

Ch 8: No Free Lunch and Fighting For Justice and Freedom

Ch 9: Post-Reconstruction-Transition to a New Century

Ch 10: Post-Reconstruction

Unit 5: The Great Migration and Its Aftermath

Ch 11: The Tidal Wave-Black Migration, Northward

Ch 12: Democracy: Possibility or Myth

Ch 13: Standing Up

Ch 14: The Harlem Renaissance

Ch 15: The Black Church: An Institutional Base of the Community

Unit 6: Civil Rights and American Justice

Ch 16: Winning Equal Rights

Ch 17: The Children's Crusade-We Take It to the Streets

Ch 18: Racial Tensions Continue

Ch 19: Valiant Women

Unit 7: The Economic System

Ch 20: Economy, Policy, and Morality

Ch 21: Convict Labor

Ch 22: Income vs Wealth Building

Ch 23: Black Solutionists

Ch 24: Notions of a Post-Racial Society

Unit 8: Black Culture and Influence

Ch 25: Spiritual Expressions from the Soul

Ch 26: Black Music Explosion

Ch 27: Black Entertainment Industry's Impact

Ch 28: The Divine Nine

Ch 29: The Contributions of Black Men in Sports

Ch 30: Integration of the NBA

Ch 31: Professional Football and Black Quarterbacks

Ch 32: Contributions of Black American Women in Sports

Unit 9: 50 Stars


  • Review the Black Facts about your state. Research the Black impacts and how they currently benefit you.

Unit 10: The North Star: A Guide to Freedom and Opportunity in Canada

Narratives of Black Freedom-Seekers in Canada

Canada's Black Settlements: Following the North Star from Enslavement to Freedom

African-Canadian Timeline: A "Roads to Freedom" Resource